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Aloha and Welcome! ❖  Mother Earth gives us everything we need to enjoy living here. She is the source of all materials.  She teaches to live in harmony with all life when we observe the world of nature. ❖ Nature has the best Return on Investment! Because life expands fractally, it grows exponentially. Only nature’s expansive growth can provide this phenomenal investment return. For example, if you plant 1 seed, you can receive 1000 seeds in less than a year.  That’s a 999% investment return.  Imagine how it grows from there. ❖ Food Forests are united communities of living species.  Each kind works specific functions. All participate and help the whole community thrive.  Together, the biodiverse communities sustain infinitely abundant and everlasting gardens. These communities demonstrate for humans how we can learn to live in harmony. ❖ I hope you enjoy taking the 8 step path to grow infinitely abundant food forest systems that provide food and wellness for all life, last for generations, and restore health to Mother Earth!